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Brock Centenary: Prefatory Note

Prefatory Note

The object of this publication is to preserve an account of the Celebration, at Queenston Heights, of the Brock Centenary, in a more convenient and permanent form than that afforded by the reports (admirable as they are) in the local newspapers.

Celebrations were held in several places in Ontario, notably at St. Thomas, where Dr. J. H. Coyne delivered a fervently patriotic address. Had reports of these been available, extended reference would have been gladly and properly accorded to them in this book. Considerable effort, involving delay in publication, was made to secure the name of every person who attended at Queenston Heights in a representative capacity, and the list is probably complete.

For valuable assistance acknowledgement is due to Colonel Ryerson, Chairman of the General and Executive Committees; to Miss Helen M. Merrill, Honorary Secretary, and to Mr. Angus Claude Macdonell, K.C., M.P., Toronto. Also to Mr. Walter R. Nursey, for the use of the pictures of General Brock, Col. Macdonell, and Brock's Monument, from his interesting work: "The Story of Brock," in the Canadian Heroes Series; and to the Ontario Archives, Toronto, for the use of the picture of the first monument erected to Brock on Queenston Heights.

Alexander Fraser. 

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