War of 1812 Bicentennial

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General History:
Causes of the War:
Battles and other Engagements (listed by date)
USS Nautilus vs. HMS Shannon (July 16, 1812):
Capture of Fort Michilimackinac (July 17, 1812):
Surrender of Detroit (August 16, 1812):
USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerrière (August 19, 1812): Battle of the "Constitution" and the "Guerrière."
Battle of Queenston Heights (October 13, 1812) (see also Brock's Monument):
Battle and Sack of York (April 27–29, 1813): "District General Order" (Quebec Mercury, June 22, 1813).
Burning of Havre de Grace (May 4, 1813): "Havre de Grace Burnt" (Connecticut Courant, May 11, 1813, page 3)
Battle of Stoney Creek (June 6, 1813):
Battle of Beaver Dams (June 24, 1813):
Battle of Lake Erie (September 10, 1813):
Battle of Lundy's Lane (also known as the Battle of Bridgewater or the Battle of Niagara Falls) (July 25, 1814):
Battle of Plattsburgh (September 11, 1814):
People (listed alphabetically):
Robert Barclay
Charles Bœrstler
Joseph Brant
Isaac Brock (see also Brock's Monument):
Jacob Brown: "Communication" (Kingston Gazette, August 11, 1812).
Henry Clay:
George Croghan: Major George Croghan
Charles de Salaberry:
Henry Dearborn:
Stephen Decatur:
Gordon Drummond:
William Henry Harrison:
Isaac Hull:
William Hull:
Andrew Jackson:
Francis Scott Key:
Daniel MacDougal: "Col. Daniel MacDougal and Valuable Documents" (Niagara Historical Society: No. 23, 1912).
Oliver Hazard Perry:
Laura Secord:
Provo Wallis: "Britain's Senior Admiral" (Victoria Daily Colonist, February 16, 1892)
Brock's Monument
Raisin River Massacre Monument: Postcard of Raisin River Massacre Monument
Forts and Fortifications
Fort Dearborn
Fort Erie
Fort Niagara
War of 1812 Centennial Celebrations, 1912–1915
Brock Centenary
One Hundred Years Ago
Battle of Stoney Creek Historical Marker at Burlington Heights
"Fort Niagara" (Niagara Historical Society, No. 23).
Burial of Remains of Soldiers of the King's (8th) Regiment
Angus Claude Macdonell, Esq., K.C., M.P., addressing the gathering.
Brock Centenary Celebration at Queenston Heights.
Brock Centenary celebration at Queenston Heights.
Central section of a panoramic picture of the gathering at Queenston Heights.
Colonel George Stirling Ryerson, Chairman of Committee.
Executive Committee.
Floral tribute placed on cenotaph, where Brock fell, by the Guernsey Society, Toronto.
Group of Indians (Grand River Reserve) celebrating Brock's centenary at Queenston Heights, Chief Alexander Hill, in costume.
J. A. Macdonell, K.C., Glengarry, addressing the gathering.
Members of Committee at Queenston Heights.
Memorial wreaths on the tombs, at Queenston Heights, of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, Kt., and Colonel John Macdonell P.A.D.C, Attorney-General of Upper Canada.
Six Nation Indians Celebrating Brock's centenary at Queenston Heights.
Speakers of the Day
Speakers of the Day
Wreath placed on Brock's Monument in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Eng. by the Government of Canada.
Wreath placed on Brock's Monument, Queenston Heights, by the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire.