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Military Relics—Niagara Historical Society

[Military Relics—Niagara Historical Society]

Military Relics—Niagara Historical Society.

The central figure of this collection is Brock's cocked hat. Strange to say, it was never worn by Brock, as it was on its way from England at the time of his death. It was placed on the coffin at his later burials. This fact gives it great historical value. (Note that the hat can still be seen today in the Niagara Historical Museum.) Sergeant's sashes (1812); key of Fort Mississauga; Swords (1812)—second one at top is the one handed over by the officer in charge of Fort Niagara when that fort was taken by the British from the United States in 1813; officer's epaulettes (1812); Captain Shaw's coat (1812); Joseph Brant's powder horn (at top of picture); 10th Royal (now Grenadiers) cap, same as was worn at Battle of Ridgeway; old cartridge pouches; horse pistol; canteens, etc.

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