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Havre de Grace Burnt: Connecticut Courant, May 11, 1813, page 3

Philadelphia, May 5.

Havre de Grace Burnt.

Mr. Lloyd, a passenger in the Baltimore Pilot Stage, arrived yesterday morning and informs that a party of British from Admiral Warren's squadron effected a landing at Havre de Grace on Monday morning, when a sharp contest ensued between them and the militia, who were at length driven out of the town, of which the British immediately took possession. They burnt the two taverns, (Mrs. Kay's and Mr. Mansfield's) besides twelve dwelling houses, and several farm houses in the neighborhood, all the stage coaches, &c. The British, it was said, had also taken possession of Hughes' Furnace, where much public property lay, which it was expected would be destroyed. The people of Elkton were under great apprehensions that their turn would come next. The enemy had complete possession of both ferries and the post road for three miles on each side of the Susquehannah. The Mail route between this city and Baltimore is thus completely cut off.

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