War of 1812 Bicentennial

General Order:

A number of Montreal papers have been brought out by citizens who after having been taken to Montreal were permitted to return. From the Herald of the 17th inst. we copy the following:

Head Quarters, Montreal,   

16 September, 1814: 

General Order:

The commander of the forces having received more correct information respecting the naval action which took place in Plattsburgh Bay, on the 11th instant, deems it expedient to rewrite the General Order of the 13th September, omitting such part of that order as has not been confirmed.

   Head-Quarters, Odell-Town,}
      13th September, 1814.

General Order.

The commander of the forces has to thank the left division for the steady discipline, unwearied exertions, and gallantry, which have conspicuously marked its short service in the territory of the enemy, so unfortunately arrested in its course by the disastrous fate of the Flotilla that had advanced to co-operate in the ulterior object other the campaign—The intrepid valor with which Captain Downie led his flotilla into action, encouraged the most sanguine hopes of complete success, which was early blasted by the fall of that gallant officer, combined with accidents to which naval warfare is peculiarly exposed. The high merit and conduct displayed by his Majesty's troops in surmounting every obstacle to the occupation of Plattsburgh, and in afterwards forcing the passage of the Saranac, leaves no doubt in the mind of the commander of the forces, that the most complete and brilliant success would have crowned their ulterior operations, had not the existing circumstances imperiously imposed upon him the necessity of restraining their ardor, as without naval co-operation the further prosecution of the service would have been highly inexpedient.

The commander of the forces avails himself of this opportunity to acknowledge the high sense he entertains of the cordial support he has experienced from Major-General De Rottenburg and the Major Generals commanding brigades.

The orderly march made by the left division in re-occupying the post it had advanced from on the 4th inst. notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, and the very wretched state of the roads, evinces in the strongest manner the judicious arrangements of the Quarter-Master General and Commissary General, as well as the unwearied attention of the commanding officers of corps in their duty.

The commander of the forces has to express his [illegible] appreciation of the [illegible] and zealous exertions of Major [illegible], and the officers of the Royal Artillery [illegible] be disposed [illegible] of the senior officers of the Royal Engineers, who are thereby entitled to his acknowledgements.—His Excellency feels it a just tribute due to the Canadian Voltigeurs and Chasseurs, publicly to notice the report of Major-General Brisbane, that the conduct of these corps in their peculiar duties of light troops, has on every occasion been conspicuously judicious and gallant.

   (Signed)    Edward Baynes,

Adj. Gen. N. A.

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