War of 1812 Bicentennial

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From Boston: Quebec Mercury Extra, August 6, 1812

From Boston, July 29th.

While we express our pleasure at the safety of the Constitution, we regret to state the U. S. brig Nautilus, 12 guns, Capt. Crane, (16 hours from N. York, on a cruise) was captured the 16th inst. by the British frigate Shannon, after a hard chase of six hours, during which the Nautilus was obliged to start her water, and throw over all her lee guns. She was ordered to Halifax, with Lt. Crane on board; the remainder of the officers and crew (106 in number) were sent on board the Africa. The officers were treated with the greatest respect. Several of the Nautilus' crew entered on board the Shannon, acknowledging themselves British subjects, (except one, named Jesse Bates, seaman, an American.)

Prizes.—The whole of the prizes sent into Salem, since the war began, will not probably bring more than 30 or 40000 dollars. The single cargo of the Marquis Someruelos, of Salem, carried into Halifax, by the British was worth upwards of 300,000 dollars, and the duties to government would have been nearly 100,000 dollars. Thus far the balance is vastly against us.—(Salem Gazette.)

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