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Brock Centenary: Appendix 4

Appendix IV.

Meetings of the Executive Committee

A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Brock Centenary was held on the 16th October, 1912, there being present: Col. Ryerson, Dr. James L. Hughes, Dr. Alexander Fraser, Mr. C. E. Mac­donald, Mr. F. D. L. Smith, and Miss Helen M. Merrill, Secretary.

It was resolved:—

That the thanks of the Committee be conveyed to the Right Honourable R. L. Borden, Prime Minis­ter of Canada, and his Government for the military arrangements that had been made in connection with the celebration of the Centenary; and to the Honourable Dr. Pyne, Minister of Education of Ontario, for so cheerfully complying with all the suggestions made by the Committee with respect to the holding of patriotic exercises in the public schools.

That the publication of the Account of the Cen­tenary celebration be proceeded with; and that Dr. Alexander Fraser (Chairman), Col. Ryerson, Mr. F. D. L. Smith, and Miss Helen M. Merrill be the Publication Committee in this matter.

That all the correspondence and papers in con­nection with the Centenary be deposited in the Ontario Archives, Toronto.

That the proposal to place a bronze tablet, com­memorative of the Centenary, on Brock's monu­ment at Queenston Heights be brought before the co-operating societies, and that action be taken in accordance with their opinion.

That the striking of a Centennial medal be left in abeyance in the meantime.

At a meeting of the Executive Committee held on the 25th of October, 1912, Col. Ryerson presiding, the subject of publication of the Centenary volume was minutely discussed. It was agreed that Dr. Alexander Fraser should edit the MS. for the press and that the work be proceeded with.

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