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Brock Centenary: General Committee Formed

General Committee Formed

In response to the invitation above referred to, societies and regiments appointed the following delegates to represent them on the General Com­mittee:—

United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada: Colonel G. Sterling Ryerson, President; Colonel G. T. Denison, Lieut-Colonel George A. Shaw, Mr. R. E. A. Land, Vice-Presidents; Mr. J. Stewart Carstairs, Honorary Secretary; Miss Helen M. Merrill, Honorary Assistant Secretary; Mr. A. R. Davis, Honorary Treasurer; Mr. C. E. Macdonald, Miss Catharine Merritt, Mr. R. S. Neville, K.C., Captain Victor Hall, Miss O. V. Widner, Mrs. F. O. Loft, Mrs. Edmund Phillips, Mrs. Dignam, Toronto.

Six Nations Indians (United Empire Loyalists): Warrior F. O. Loft, Mr. Allen W. Johnson.

British Empire League: Colonel G. T. Denison, Toronto.

Canadian Club: Dr. A. H. U. Colquhoun, Presi­dent; Mr. F. D. L. Smith, Toronto.

Canadian Defence League: Colonel Fothering­ham, Dr. J. L. Hughes, Mr. R. E. Kingsford, Toronto.

Empire Club: Mr. J. Castell Hopkins, Dr. E. K. Richardson, Toronto.

Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire: Mrs. A. E. Gooderham, Mrs. E. F. B. Johnstone, Mrs. John Bruce, Miss Constance Boulton, Toronto.

Sons of Scotland: Dr. Alexander Fraser, Dr. John Ferguson, Toronto.

St. George's Society, Toronto: John W. Gamble Boyd.

Lundy's Lane Historical Association: Mr. J. Jackson, Superintendent Queen Victoria Park, Secretary, Niagara Falls, Ont.

Niagara Historical Society: Miss Janet Carno­chan, Niagara-on-the-Lake; Mrs. Elizabeth Thomp­son, Mrs. Charles Lewis Shaw, Toronto.

Ontario Historical Society: Dr. Alexander Fraser, Secretary, Toronto.

Women's Canadian Historical Society, Toronto: Miss M. Agnes FitzGibbon, Toronto.

Women's Wentworth Historical Society: Mrs. John Calder, Hamilton, President.

Governor-General's Body Guard: Lieut.-Colonel Frank A. Fleming, W. E. L. Coleman, Toronto.

12th Regiment: Major Curran, Toronto.

48th Highlanders: Captain Darling, Adjutant.

'66 Veterans' Association: Captain Geo. Musson, P. E. Noverre, David Creighton, Lieut.-Colonel A. E. Belcher, Lieut.-Colonel Geo. A. Shaw, Toronto.

'85 Veterans' Association: Sergeant A. G. Scovell, Toronto.

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