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Brock Centenary: Programme Adopted

Programme Adopted

The first meeting of the General Committee thus formed was held on September 25th, 1912, in the Canadian Foresters' Building, College Street, Toronto. There was a large attendance of members.

Colonel Ryerson was appointed Chairman, and Miss Helen M. Merrill Secretary, of the Commit­tee. The report from the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, as given above, having been read to the meeting, resolutions to the following effect were passed:

(1) That Brock's Day be celebrated by a public gathering at Queenston Heights.

(2) That the various patriotic and historical societies, local as well as those within easy reach of Queenston, be invited to send as large delega­tions as possible to Brock's Monument on Satur­day, October 12th, 1912, in commemoration of his death.

(3) That the various patriotic and historical societies be asked to send wreaths for the purpose of decorating Brock's Monument on October 12th.

(4) That a special invitation be sent to Mr. J. A. Macdonell, K.C., Alexandria, Ont., to attend the celebration as the direct representative of Colonel John Macdonell, the Attorney-General of Upper Canada, and Brock's Provincial A.D.C., who fell with his leader, and whose remains rest beneath the monument on Queenston Heights.

(5) That the Honourable the Minister of Militia be asked to order that salutes be fired on October 12th from all saluting points in Canada.

(6) That the churches be asked to arrange that memorial sermons be preached throughout Canada on Sunday, October 13th.

(7) That suitable exercises relating to Brock and 1812 should be held in every school in Canada; and that this suggestion be not only given pub­licity through the newspapers, but that the atten­tion of the various Ministers of Education in the Dominion be specially drawn to it.

(8) That the Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs at Ottawa be asked to take measures to have the history of Brock and the events of the 1812 war brought specially before the children in all Indian Schools under the charge of the Domin­ion Government,

(9) That a wreath be placed on the picture of Brock in the Parliament Buildings, Toronto.

(10) That it be suggested to the Dominion Gov­ernment to place a wreath on Brock's Monument in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England.

An Executive Committee was appointed to fur­ther these resolutions, consisting of the members of the following special committees:—

Travelling Arrangements, etc.: Colonel Ryerson, Dr. James L. Hughes, Mr. J. S. Carstairs and Mr. C. E. Macdonald.

Press: Mr. J. Castell Hopkins, Dr. Alexander Fraser, Mr. F. D. L. Smith, Miss Helen M. Merrill.

Chairman and Secretary of the Executive Com­mittee: Colonel Ryerson and Miss Helen M. Merrill.

[Executive Committee]
Executive Committee.
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