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Brock Centenary: Reports of Committees

Reports of Committees

The General Committee met on October 2nd, 1912, Colonel Ryerson presiding. The reports of the special committees regarding the arrangements were very satisfactory, and it was made abund­antly clear that the proposed celebration had touched a tender chord of public feeling. Travel­ling arrangements by train to Niagara Falls and by electric car thence to Queenston Heights were approved of. The co-operation of the Women's Institute, Queenston, was promised in connection with the decoration of the grounds there; the Ontario Government consented to police the grounds, and the Victoria Park Commission to reopen the restaurant at the Heights for the day. It was agreed to advise the hotels at Niagara Falls, Ont., that luncheon would be taken at that town on arrival of the train, and to arrange with the electric railway for the conveyance of the visitors to the Monument. The publicity so generously afforded by the press was gratefully acknowledged. A letter from Mr. J. A. Macdonell, K.C., Alex­andria, accepting the Committee's invitation, was read; and a motion by Mr. F. D. L. Smith that a bronze tablet to mark the centenary celebration be placed on Brock's Monument was deferred for consideration at the next meeting to be held on the week following.

At the meeting of the General Committee held on October 9th in the Canadian Foresters' Hall, Toronto, Colonel Ryerson presiding, the following report of the Executive Committee was received and adopted:—

"The Executive Committee met on October 7th and received satisfactory reports of the pro­gress made in carrying out the proposals of the General Committee. A programme for the cele­bration at Queenston Heights was drafted, and the President was requested to arrange with the Department of Militia that the permanent forces be sent from Toronto to Queenston Heights to take part in the proceedings. It was also resolved to publish an account of the proceedings in connec­tion with the celebration as an interesting record of a notable event."

The Executive also reported that all arrange­ments had been completed for the journey to Queenston Heights; that the Militia Department had ordered that salutes be fired from all saluting points in Canada on the 12th inst.; that commem­orative church services would be extensively held on the 13th inst.; that special exercises would be observed in the public schools in accordance with letters received from the Honourable R. A. Pyne, M.P.P., Minister of Education for Ontario, Mr. Augustus W. Ball, Deputy Minister of Education, Saskatchewan, Mr. Alexander Robinson, Superin­tendent of Education, British Columbia, and from Mr. R. Fletcher, Deputy Minister of Education, Manitoba; that a detachment from the permanent infantry force at Toronto would proceed to Queens­ton Heights on the 12th inst.; that the Toronto, Hamilton and other corps of militia would be represented, and that large delegations from patri­otic, national and historical societies would take part; that many wreaths would be sent to the monument; that the Dominion Government had ordered its representative in London, England, to place a wreath on Brock's Memorial in St. Paul's Cathedral; and that letters from prominent public men had been received, either regretting their inability to take part or accepting the invitations to be present.

This being the last meeting of the General Com­mittee, it was agreed to refer the suggestion that a bronze centennial tablet be placed on Brock's Monument, the striking of a Centennial medal, and all business connected with the celebration ceremonies, or arising therefrom, to the Executive Committee, with full power to dispose of the same. The meeting then adjourned sine die.

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