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British Prize List: Kingston Gazette, November 7, 1812, page 3

British Prize List.

The frigate Southampton has captured a Philadelphia Brig from River Plate, for Havana, and sent her to Nassau:—Also, a Boston schooner from Cork, for Havana, said to be the Harmony.

The British frigate Jason, was spoken September 12, lat. 45, long. 50; informed they had captured 8 prizes.

A Philadelphia ship, 7 days from Philadelphia for Lisbon, with 3500 barrels flour, has been captured and sent to Halifax; also, a brig of and for Portland, from Richmond, with 800 barrels flour.

Ship Melantha, from South America, for Baltimore, with 45,000 dollars in specie, and cargo worth 200,000 dollars, has been captured by the Spartan frigate and sent to Halifax.

The Adeline, of Bath, was taken from the Constitution's prize crew, several weeks since, and carried into N. Scotia.

Sloop Sophia, from Little-river, for New-Bedford, with lumber, has been sent into St. Johns by the Plumper, which vessel was repairing at St. Johns 19th ult.

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