War of 1812 Bicentennial

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Michigan, &c.: Kingston Gazette, November 7, 1812, page 3

Michigan, &c.

Col. Procter, Governor pro tem. of the Territory of Michigan, has published regulations of the temporary Government of that district, agreeably to the cession by capitulation on the 16th of August last, by which the civil officers of the United States remaining in the country, are continued in their offices. The civil Governor is to appoint all officers to fill vacancies. Courts of justice are to be held as usual. The duties, customs and revenues accruing according to the laws of the United States, are to be paid quarterly. Augustus B. Woodward, Esq. (Chief Justice of the Territory under the United States) is appointed Secretary. All the officers in the Indian department, register, receiver of the land office, and post-master, are superceded. The order is dated at Detroit, August 21, 1812, and signed Edward Proctor, Colonel.

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