War of 1812 Bicentennial

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From the New-York Evening Post: Quebec Mercury, January 12, 1813, page 11


From the New-York Evening Post.

"Mr. Madison in his manifesto set forth only two real causes of War. 1. The order in council, but they are repealed in a manner satisfactory to himself and are no longer in dispute. 2. The impressment of our seamen. who are our seamen? It turns out that his object is to protect all British seamen who have entered, or may enter on board our merchant vessels. On this point, I am free to declare that I think the government would be perfectly right in protecting such British subjects as remove hither with a view to make it their home, and have become naturalized, just so far, as to secure them in the enjoyment of every civil right equally with the native citizens and just so long as they remain in the territory; but the moment they chose to venture upon the ocean in the character of sailors on board merchant vessels, they should be left to their chance; if they fall into the hands of their sovereign on the high seas, this government is not bound to interfere to secure them, much less ought it to involve the country in a war on their account   Once more then, I repeat, if this war is any longer continued, it is continued for the sole purpose of protecting native born British subjects on the high seas against their own sovereign. This is the question fairly stated and it remains to be seen if the people will support such a war, for such a purpose."

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