War of 1812 Bicentennial

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Washington, Dec. 15: Quebec Mercury, January 12, 1813, page 11

Washington, Dec. 15.

The following Message from the President of the United States was communicated to Congress on the 11th inst. by Mr. Coles his Secretary.

To the Senate and House of

  Representatives of the United States.

I transmit to Congress copies of a letter to the Secretary of the Navy, from Captain Decatur, of the frigate "United States," reporting his combat and capture of the British frigate Macedonian. Too much praise cannot be bestowed on that officer and his companions on board, for the consummate skill and conspicuous valor by which this trophy has been added to the naval arms of the United States.

I transmit, also, a letter from Captain Jones, who commanded the sloop of war Wasp, reporting his capture of the British sloop of war the Frolic, after a close action, in which other brilliant titles will be seen to the public admiration and praise.

A nation, feeling what it owes to itself and its citizens, could never abandon to arbitrary violence on the ocean, a class of them which give such examples of capacity and courage, in defending their rights on that element; examples which ought to impress on the enemy, however brave and powerful, a preference of justice and peace to hostility against a country whose prosperous career may be accelerated, but cannot be prevented by the assaults made on it.

James Madison. 

Washington, December 11, 1812

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