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Montreal, November 24: Quebec Mercury, December 1, 1812, page 381

Montreal, November 24. 

By a letter from Odeltown of the 21st inst. we are informed that a division of the enemy's army consisting of 1100 men, attacked a company of Voltigeurs, a companies of militia and 80 savages (in all about 200 men.) Notwithstanding the superior number of the enemy, they were obliged to retreat. The enemy had 5 men killed and 4 made prisoners—No loss on our side. The prisoners were sent to this city the day following.—It is said by the prisoners taken on this occasion, that their whole number was 11,000.

We are extremely sorry to announce that intelligence was yesterday received by a gentleman, from Niagara, of the capture by the enemy, of captain Morney's sloop, and a schooner belonging to Messrs. Hatts, on Lake Ontario; on board of the latter was a quantity of flour, and on board of the former, we understand, capt. Brock and lady were passengers; and with other articles, the plate and privateproperty of the late General Brock.—By a noble minded enemy these would be restored; but such an expectation can hardly be formed in the present unfortunate instance.—The sloop, we hear, is a very fine vessel, and will, no doubt, be soon converted into an efficient means of annoyance to ourselves.—Our marine operations on that Lake have been hitherto far from brilliant, and it is difficult to conjecture the cause.—This Gentleman reports no other occurrence of any moment in Upper Canada.

We have nothing interesting from our brave Army on the other side of the river, only that they were in high spirits, and anxiously wishing to meet the enemy,—We hear of no movements of consequence on the frontiers.

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