War of 1812 Bicentennial

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Adjutant General's Office: Quebec Mercury, December 1, 1812, page 281

Adjutant General's Office,

Head Quarters, Laprairie, 26th November, 1812.

  General Orders.

His Excellency the Governor in Chief and Commander of the Forces, cannot dispense with the services of the detachments of sedentary Militia which have come forward to join their brethren in arms, without paying a just tribute to the animated zeal and spirited loyalty which have been so universally displayed on this occasion.

His Excellency has witnessed, with the highest satisfaction, the enthusiasm and ardent courage with which all classes of His Majesty's subjects have eagerly pressed forward to rescue their happy soil from the pollution of threatened invasion, zealous to sacrifice their lives in the defence of the rights and dignity of a revered and beloved Sovereign.

Such genuine pledges of loyalty are honorable in the subjects, as they are gratifying to the monarch, and when combined with the tried valour and discipline of British troops, cannot fail of commanding that brilliant and glorious success which has crowned His Majesty's arms in every quarter of the globe.

His Excellency, in the most assured confidence, that none will fail at the first summons, again to fly in arms to the defence of their country, should the temerity of the foe, a second time, threaten to disturb the peace of our frontiers, is pleased to order that the detachments of sedentary militia be relieved from permanent service, and be permitted to the social enjoyment of their peaceful homes.   Edward Baynes,  

Adjust. Genl. N. A.  
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