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Adjutant General's Office: Quebec Mercury, December 1, 1812, page 381

Adjutant General's Office,

Head Quarters, La Prairie, 27th Nov. 1812.

G. O.—Major General De Rottenburg will be pleased to give the necessary Orders respecting the Winter Quarters to be occupied by the troops in the Montreal District.

G. O.—His Excellency the Commander of the Forces takes this opportunity of expressing to Lieut. Colonel De Salaberry, his entire approbation of his conduct in the management of the Advance, as well as the high sense he entertains of the alacrity with which the corps of Voltigeurs, Voyageurs, the battalions of Embodied Militia, Capt. Pratt's Troops of Light Cavalry, and the Montreal Battalion of Volunteers, and Flank Companies, 2d and 3d battalions Montreal Militia, repaired to their different posts to repel the threatened invasion, and which had it taken place, His Excellency feels confident from the tried Valour and Discipline of His Majesty's Regular Forces, and from the enthusiastic loyalty and courage of all classes of His Majesty's Canadian Subjects, would have terminated in the defeat and disgrace of the Enemy.

The extraordinary exertions which have been made upon this occasion, and which thus call forth his Excellency's notice and commendation: cannot fail of producing the most happy consequence to the future tranquility and prosperity of the country.

The General Orders of this day, and those of the 26th inst. to be entered in the General Orderly Books, and read at the head of all Corps on Parade,

Edward Baynes, Adjutant General.  
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