War of 1812 Bicentennial

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List of Authors

Here is a list of works on "War of 1812 Bicentennial", listed by author or other creator. Note: This list is currently incomplete, and additionally does not contain works whose creator is unknown.

A. G. Bradley (1850–1943)
British America
John Buchan (editor, 1875–1940)
British America
Janet Carnochan (1839–1926)
"Fort Niagara"
Ernest Cruikshank (1853–1939)
Drummond's Winter Campaign
The Fight in the Beechwoods
"Letters of 1812 Contributed by Col. Cruikshank, F. S. R. C." (Niagara Historical Society, No. 23)
"Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada" (Sixteenth Annual Report of the Waterloo Historical Society, 1928)
Nathaniel Currier (lithographer, 1813–1888)
"Death of Tecumseh"
"M'Donough's victy on Lake Champlain"
W. L. Grant (1872–1935)
Ontario High School History of Canada
C. W. Jefferys (illustrator, 1869–1951)
"Battle of Lundy's Lane"
"Block-house and Battery in the Old Fort, Toronto, 1812"
"A British Officer, 1812"
"A British Sergeant, 1812"
"Laura Secord on her Journey to Warn the British"
"Mackenzie Arriving at the Pacific after Crossing the Rocky Mountains"
"Meeting of Brock and Tecumseh"
"The Meeting of Brock and Tecumseh"
"Ships of War"
"Sir George Prevost"
Louise Phelps Kellogg
British Régime in Wisconsin and the Northwest
William Renwick Riddell, LL.D.
One Hundred Years Ago
Major-General C. W. Robinson
Canada and Canadian Defence
David Thompson
History of the Late War between Great Britain and the United States
E. F. Walker (photographer)
Beaver Dams Monument
Brock's Monument
House at Stony [sic] Creek Occupied by American Soldiers in War of 1812
House Occupied by FitzGibbon at Beaver Dams
Soldier's Monument—Lundy's Lane
Where Brock Fell
William Wood (1864–1947)
The War With the United States